Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celeste Bonin (aka Wwe Diva Kaitlyn) - Cum Inducer

She has perfect 34E tits that I'd lovvveee to lick, suck, rub and fuck for hours. 
She has an amazing round juicy ass that I'd spank and fuck all day. and after all that, 
I'd fill her mouth with my warm cum, or cover her big round ass with it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Layla El

she has such big titties. i wanna lick and squeeze them then oil them up and fuck her 34DDs til i cum all over her gorgeous face and watch her lick it off n eat it

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ODB: Obviously Dirty & Busty

On a night in florida, home of TNa impact, i ran into ODB at a bar
Me: Hi, i'm a big fan of you.
after explaining how big of a fan i am, i accidentally said:
I love your boobs
ODB (with those hungry eyes): oh ya?
Me: ohhh yaaa, they kick ass
Her: thnx
since you like em so much, wanna see em?
Me: Hell yeah i do
we went back to her hotel room

she slowly took her top off, revealing that she had no bra on.

Me: you're not wearing a bra?
Trish: no, everythings in the laundry.
Me: thats to bad, but damn ur tits are fuckin huge
her:wanna feel em?
me: hell ya

her:: i see these things r makin u hard.
her: wait, im totally naked, yet youre still fully clothed, we need to change that.
she takes my pants off, and sees my hard dick.
her: mmmmmmm you have such a nice cock. squeeze my tits baby
i did what she had asked, her 38Ds were so soft.
her: mmmmmmmmmm, lets switch it up. i wanna have that big dick between my big ol cans
She gets down on her knees and starts sucking my dick while her huge titties move
Me: Yeah baby, your lips feel fuckin good on my dick.   Trish: What should I do next? i think ill suck your dick more  her: (muffled)OOOOOOOH UUUUUUUUUH OOOOOOOOOOOH GOD THAT'S NICE!!!  me: ohhhh yeaaah, i wanna fuck your big titties now her:(moaning): OH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK MY BIG juggs
she fucks my cock with her big tits more   her: ooooooooooohhhhHHHHH YAAAA, YOUR HARD DICK FEELS SO GOOD BETWWEN MY TITS I WANT YOU TO CUM ON THEM, COVER MY BIG TITS WITH HOT, CREAMY CUM And I did. I shot a huge load of cum on her big juicy tits  Ohhhhhhhh, that cum feels so good on my tits.  She rubs the cum all over her boobs. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

maryse ouellet - cock hardener

her boobs are so big and dick hardening, i wanna rub them so much. then i wanna lick her nipples until theyre hard. then, i wanna have her stroke my dick. then, i wanna fuck her big tits, then, cum ALL over her big 36Ds

ashley massaro

ashley has such big, amazing tits, i wanna squeeze em & rub them, then i wanna play with her nipples, then lick , suck & kiss her boobs aswell. then i wanna put my dick between em & fuck them, then, after titfucking her for a while, i wanna have her put her lips around my hard cock n suck it. then, cum all over her big titties, then, watch her rub it into them, making her big boobies nice n shiny.